How to Register a new account, Login, Submit cases, and Retrieve reports

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Registration and Login process for Case Submission

Registration of first-time users:
  • Click “Case Submission” button to enter the secure ImageShare portal
  • Enter email address to create account Username
    • Use primary email address to be associated with account – this Username will be used to login for both Case Submission (via the ImageShare portal) and Report Retrieval (via Account Dashboard described below), and will be the one to which completed report notifications are emailed
  • Enter Name of Primary Authorized User for the Practice / Imaging Center
    • Note: If practice has multiple doctors that wish to share an account, at the time of each Case Submission, the name of the doctor responsible for that case should be entered where prompted
  • Select Password
  • Enter Dental Practice / Imaging Center information
  • Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
Login process for established practices:
  • Click “Case Submission” button to enter secure ImageShare portal
  • Enter email address (Username)
  • Enter Password

Case Submission process

Add images for upload:
  • Leave box unchecked if uploading CBCT or MRI (TMJ) DICOM images; otherwise, check box
  • Enter imaging and patient information
  • Follow prompts to indicate if comparison images will be uploaded – a separate upload session is required for comparison images, but only after the current study is completely submitted
Enter details of report requested:
  • Enter name of dentist ordering the report
  • Choose report type (with additional upgrades if desired)
  • Enter additional information (health history / comments to radiologist)
  • Verify itemized charges
  • Enter payment information

Report Retrieval process

Login to Account Dashboard:
  • Click Account Dashboard link included in completed report notification sent to registered Username email address

Download Completed Report:
  • On the Studies page of the Account Dashboard, click Reports icon for the case, then click either .pdf or .html version to download

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