Frequently Asked Questions


What services do you provide?

Premium dental radiology interpretation services, primarily of CBCT scans of the head & neck and MRI imaging of the TMJs, but also for traditional 2D Panoramic and Intraoral images. In addition to pathology overreads, reports can be tailored to implant planning, endodontics, TMJ, orthodontic, airway, and wisdom teeth evaluations. If needed, Comparisons to previous images or Rush cases are options. Very importantly, all data transmission is HIPAA-compliant.

When can I expect my report to be available for retrieval after case submission?

Completed reports should be available no later than close of business on the 4th business day after Case Submission. In rare circumstances, intra-CAPTURE consultation may be required thus delaying delivery of the report, in which case you will be promptly notified. If the “Rush” option is chosen, the report should be expected by midnight of the 2nd business day, if not sooner.

Who reads and reports on the cases I send to CAPTURE?

Licensed Oral & Maxillofacial Radiologists will interpret your cases and can be available for a post-read consult with the ordering dentist if report review with the patient leaves lingering questions.

Who can send cases to CAPTURE?

All images must be uploaded by a licensed dentist / imaging center that is registered with our PACS management software (via the “Register / Upload Images” button)

What if I want to submit multiple 2D images of the same patient and/or supplemental non-intraoral modalities such as intraoral photos and or a cephalometric image?

Supplemental images can be uploaded at the same time as other 2D images. In the uploading portal, your group of multiple image types will be labeled as “Wrapped DICOMS” – do not be confused by this “DICOM” terminology as it simply means the .jpg, .pdf, .tiff, and .png files will be grouped (“wrapped”) together to mimic a set of CBCT DICOMS.

Case Submission

To upload a scan, what format should I use?
  • If CBCT or MRI (TMJ), use .dcm (DICOM) format
  • If Panoramic or set of Intraoral images, use .jpg, .tiff, .png, or .pdf
To upload CBCT or MRI (TMJ) files, do I have to zip my folder full of DICOM files?

No, always use an unzipped folder of DICOMS. Two options: 1) drag folder to the “Drag file here” area or 2) click the “Choose File…” button, then select the folder before clicking “Upload”

Billing and Insurance

What is the payment process?

Payment for each report requires use of the Practice credit card at time of Case Submission and is through Stripe, a secure third-party service. Practice is responsible for payments to the interpreting Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists, which are collected by CAPTURE.

Are your radiology services covered by insurance? If so, what code?

While CAPTURE does not file insurance claims nor assists in doing so, the ADA corrected a misprint in its CDT 2021 manual stating that code D0391 is for the “interpretation of diagnostic image by a practitioner not associated with capture of the image, including report.”

Security and Privacy

Is patient data safe?

Data transmission and archival is via our partnered HIPAA-compliant cloud-based PACS portal powered by Ambra Health – an Intelerad Company.


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