Selection Criteria (pre-CBCT)

  • As per FDA/ADA evidence-based guidance, table shows how you can reduce exposure to your patients via right-timing Bitewings (BW), Periapicals (PA), Full Mouth Series (FMX), and Panoramic (Pano) imaging – Important: if diagnostic objective can be accomplished via these 2D imaging modalities, CBCT scans are not justified as this would violate ALARA / ALADA principles
  • Underlying goal of these selection criteria is to reduce patient exposure by avoiding use of radiographs as a screening tool under an arbitrary timetable, particularly when there is no evidence of pathology – in other words, the diagnostic benefit must be greater than the risk of radiation exposure
  • *** Radiographs should be ordered by the dentist based on the individual needs of the patient after review of their medical/dental history and a clinical assessment
  • Table use based on the following patient factors:
    • New vs. Recall (includes new patients with accessible historical radiographs)
    • Age
    • Caries Risk